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Hello visitor! If you’re a returning visitor – welcome back! This site is a redesign of one I had a few years back.  Hackers got into the last one and I’ve had to recreate from scratch.  I also used to have a separate site for www.braniffs.ws – although I haven’t done much in the way of Braniff genealogy, I still have the database and hope to eventually embed it in here. This site is an accumulation of research I’ve done on my major lines: Estacaille (and variant spellings), Judas, Braniff, Overton, Simpson, Schmudlach, Dingwell, Hubbard, Hosmer… to name just a few.  You can access the main database by clicking on the above link “Genealogy“.  At the very top of this page is a menu of the various options you can use once you get into the database.  The database is also capable of switching languages to a certain degree – my French & German cousins can appreciate that. I still have lots of research to upload – I’m slowly going all digital. I still have photos to finish linking since the crash, but the Cemeteries and Headstones should all be working now as are some of the research documents. Enjoy! And if I help you with your brick wall, please drop me a note!

Hawkair Aviation regional airline

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Alright, I’m going to do a lil’ non-genealogy marketing plug in support for my current employer – Hawkair Aviation Services Hawkair is a regional airline based out of my hometown, Terrace BC.  I won’t go into the company history, how it started years ago with a Bristol freighter flying cargo …

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Site version update June 2014

Hello all I just finished installing an updated version for the genealogy software.  I’m trying to get the new software to play nice with my blog, but having some difficulty.  The tab “Genealogy” will take you to the newly upgraded database.

Spring 2014

Yeah, there hasn’t been much in the updates to the genealogy.  Our winter here on the Pacific North Coast was much milder than most of Canada.  Spring has finally made an appearance – bulbs are starting to bloom, hummingbirds and swallows have arrived.  The weather has been a bit on …

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November 2013 news

Hi all! Thanks for visiting! If you’re returning visitor, my apologies for not doing more regular updates – it’s been busy around here all summer. I spent a good portion of my weekends laying new wood laminate flooring throughout my trailer.  About the time I was just about done that …

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