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Mirza Overton family

Mirza Overton, wife Amelia Adeline Simpson and children Lucella, Grace, Wesley, Ivy. Canada early 1900s.


Welcome! Are you a returning visitor? Welcome back! Well, as you can see there have been some design changes, software upgrades. If you are looking for my blog, it's available at - the tab "Genealogy" on the blog brings you right back to here.  I will be using the blog to keep you updated with any special finds I come across.

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This database focuses mainly on the research I've done and collected on my surname Estacaille and it's variant spellings over the decades... d'Istacaille, Estaquaille, Estecaille,... and families around the world... Canada, United States, France, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina...

Of course, I needed to include the families my ancestors have married, so you will find major lines and research on surnames Judas, Overton, Jahraus, Simpson, Braniff, Hubbard, Boyd... well, you can find the links to the major surnames just below...

If you have been searching for or BraniffCentre - well, you're in luck. That was one of my old sites. While my database doesn't include all my Braniff research, ask and I'll try and find it in my offline archives. I hope to eventually include that database here too.

December 2014 - Please note: I've discovered that when I moved my tree from The Next Generation software to Family Tree Maker that the export mixed up some of the marriages. At this point, I don't know how many errors there are, but I am fixing them as I come across them.

Jean Estacaille, Marie Jeanne Lapuyade

Jean Estacaille and his wife Marie Jeanne Lapuyade, France 1890s?