About My Site

Hello visitor! If you’re a returning visitor – welcome back! This site is a redesign of one I had a few years back.  Hackers got into the last one and I’ve had to recreate from scratch.  I also used to have a separate site for www.braniffs.ws – although I haven’t done much in the way of Braniff genealogy, I still have the database and hope to eventually embed it in here.

This site is an accumulation of research I’ve done on my major lines: Estacaille (and variant spellings), Judas, Braniff, Overton, Simpson, Schmudlach, Dingwell, Hubbard, Hosmer… to name just a few.  You can access the main database by clicking on the above link “Genealogy“.  At the very top of this page is a menu of the various options you can use once you get into the database.  The database is also capable of switching languages to a certain degree – my French & German cousins can appreciate that. I still have lots of research to upload – I’m slowly going all digital. I still have photos to finish linking since the crash, but the Cemeteries and Headstones should all be working now as are some of the research documents. Enjoy! And if I help you with your brick wall, please drop me a note!