Eckart Genealogy, Kassel Russia

While this site appears to be primarily an Estacaille genealogy site, I do work on my other ancestry lines. Especially when I’ve come across a brick wall and want a change of focus.

I’ve been slowly working on my Eckart ancestry, piecing together data from North American census, obituaries, headstone info from sites like, and

Tonight I can add another source, it turns out to be created by the husband of a cousin (about 1st cousin twice or 3 times removed) in Saskatchewan.  So, if you’re searching for the same Eckart cousins as I am, you can add  I’ve found the best way for me to search his site for Eckarts was to use Google’s advanced search options to look for the word “Eckart” in his specific website address.  Thanks to Timothy’s site, I now have seen old photos of cousins I hadn’t seen before.