Biology of Belief

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A couple of years ago, after attending my first Hay House “I Can Do It” convention in Vancouver, I became a fan of Dr Bruce Lipton.  I wish he was my biology teacher back in high school!

After the convention I bought the ebook version of his book Spontaneous Evolution.  No, I haven’t yet completed it yet (sometimes I feel like I’ve got ADD when it comes to books – too many books, too little time) but it is a very interSpontaneous-Evolution-coveresting book and I return to it from time to time, usually when I’m traveling.

Last week I received an email newletter from the author of Quantum Touch which mentioned some Amazon books on sale, authors I like, one being Bruce Lipton and his book “Biology of Belief”. I haven’t bought it (yet) but had the thought of going to YouTube and watching some of his videos, see if there is anything new…

I found this 7-part video of a lecture he did called “Biology of Perception” and wanted to share it here for my friends to view.  Click here to view part 1

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