AncestryDNA done

Estacaille Genealogy

Hey everyone

Hope you’ve been having a good winter.  Ours has been colder than usual, but haven’t had much in the way of snow, just a couple of snowstorms that drop maybe 1.5 feet, then warms up and melts.  I currently have no snow on my lawns, just in the ditches which are frozen ponds thanks to this week’s below zero temps.

Anyway, AncestryDNA.  I was lucky enough to had done Allan’s in the summer of 2016 and I did mine in the fall. I’ll talk about Allan’s in another post.


Some of mine was surprising – my graph does not show any Eastern European DNA. I was expecting some through the branches of Judas and Schmudlach and Eckart.  And I have some Scandinavian DNA that I don’t know where it came from. I’ll show my graph below:


The Europe West is expected, but the percentage was higher than I figured – that’s the Judas, Schmudlach, Eckart, Neuharth lines.

The Iberian is my Basque heritage which I thought would be a higher percentage. Estacaille, Lapuyade,

The Ireland is my Scottish lines of Dingwell, Simpson, Morrison, Hyde…

The Great Britain would be my lines of Overton and Hubbard.

The Scandinavian? No idea. So far in my ancestral tree, which goes back more than 5 generations, does not contain any births/marriages/deaths from Norway, Sweden, Denmark.  Given the higher percentage than my Scottish roots, could it be Viking roots showing up in both the Scots and German lines?? Hmmm… another project to add is digging into the facts.

Have I found any cousins on Ancestry DNA? Yes – a number are Neuharth descendants and I’ve found a Simpson and a Hubbard cousin.  There’s enough Neuharth cousins showing up that Ancestry has created a Neuharth “circle” in my DNA tree.  I am hoping to meet more Hubbard cousins as Sibella Dingwell-Hubbard and her parents/siblings are a brick wall.  I’ve also been hoping to meet some Hosmer cousins, another brick wall.

Time will tell…