The tree is growing

Estacaille Genealogy

Yes the tree is growing, but I haven’t uploaded it here.  Back in December 2017  I took advantage of a sale on Ancestry for a World yearly subscription.  My tree hasn’t grown backwards further than I knew it, but I’ve been finding 2nd and 3rd cousins and plugging them into my trees on Ancestry and my Legacy software.  So my library of images of original sources has been growing too.  I’m way behind in plugging the data into my Clooz database to help index it all.

I’ve grown the trees of Eckart, Hubbard, Simpson, Neuharth, and confirmed some of the older Overton records.

I’ve also recently watched a video on how to use the latest Clooz which has helped clarify some of the steps I can take and hopefully cut down on some of the work I figured I would have to do.  I’m thrilled to find out how the Clooz list of people can link to my list of persons in Legacy. I knew it had the capability when I bought Legacy, but hadn’t dug deep enough into the software to find out how.

I will eventually upload a new GEDCOM into the database here, but I’m expecting parts of it to break – potential conflicts with person IDs. That could also potentially break my photo& document links too. Time will tell…

I’ve also made some progress on fixing some of the relationship errors that occurred when I imported my GEDCOM from TNG to Family Tree Maker then into Legacy.

When I do finally upload the updated database, I’ll make a new post.  The link in the database “What’s New” will also list all the changes to profiles.