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Covid update from inside BC

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News for the family and friends who reside outside of BC.

In British Columbia, our Spring Break for the schools starts about mid-March.  About March 13,  that’s when the provincial medical officers started clanging the emergency bells, began the crack down on social distancing, travel across borders started. They could see how if they didn’t issue the warning, we could be looking at another Italy scenario.

Now into week 3, as of April 7, in BC there have been 1,291 confirmed cases and 43 deaths. I think I heard today that the recovery so far has been more than 70% of the cases. Total in Canada 17,897 confirmed cases out of 346,507 tests. Not everyone in BC is tested as there is not enough testing kits for all. So the kits are primarily for medical staff, and confirmation for the more severe cases. 

My huge medical region in Northwestern BC has had 24 confirmed cases, 7 recovered, 6 hospitalized. As far as I know, the virus hasn’t made it into the seniors care homes in this area. The hospital in my hometown is designated as an essential Covid medical centre, the next closest one is in Prince George, a 6.5 hour drive away from here.  The airport is still open, but most flights have been cancelled. We know that the infection is here, and we live mostly along those vigilant lines, but we are not locked down as tight as say Italy.

As of today, it looks like all this social distancing, in BC at least, has been flattening the curve.  The concern is what people are going to do this Easter weekend, how much are they going to defy the distancing in order to attend church services, family gatherings, etc.  Hopefully, they will continue to follow the protocols and not put us into a tail spin.

To my knowledge, no one in the Canadian family has tested positive for virus so far – that includes Judas, Jahraus, Overton cousins in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  I know that some of the US cousins have been very concerned as the pandemic ravages some of the cities down there, much worse than what we’re seeing in Canada.

I hope you are all healthy and safe.  If you are Covid positive, I send you wishes for a speedy recovery!

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