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Hello fellow seeker!

Alright, I’ve posted about DNA testing on Ancestry on this post, so here’s a sample of the reporting on

The graphs on both services are similar on viewing ancestry, the AncestryDNA one in my opinion is a bit more compact.  Both reports when clicked will provide more info per region.  

I’ve compared this image with one I saved from July 2019. Like the AncestryDNA, my percentages for all regions have shifted with a year of revised data and formulas.  My Northestern European has decreased while my Souther European has increased. 

23andMe Ancestry timeline

Below, here’s a sample of the Chromosome Painter. The segments are not selectable for more info, but clicking on one of the regions on the left will change the paint to show the corresponding segment,

23andMe DNA chromosome painter

As for showing the profiles of DNA Relatives, I do have to hide some of the identifying info on this post but here’s a sample.  Clicking on the name (removed here) would open up further details, but unless they fill out information on their family background – surnames of grandparents and their places of birth, other surnames & locations – I find most have not completed this and so it’s close to useless for determining their ancestry. 

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