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Hello fellow seeker!

The first post on the updated website! A good time to also update on DNA tests.  I’ve done 2 tests so far: Ancestry DNA and 23andMe.  You can see the above latest graphic of my AncestryDNA report. I’ll post a graphic from my 23andMe test in another post.

I do prefer the genealogy reporting and potential cousin matches from the Ancestry test compared to 23andMe. To date, I’ve also taken the raw DNA data and imported into and

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My parents and my adoptive brother also have tested on Ancestry. Other immediate Estacaille family, I’ve found 3 other confirmed cousins so far.

So what does Ancestry say? Well, first a bit of background. For those that don’t know me, I’m a Canadian Estacaille. I have Estacaille genes on both of my parent’s branches of my tree. I first DNA tested in the fall of 2016. As Ancestry’s testing database grows, the references for my DNA report adjust. Lets compare my 2018 origins graph with the latest graph above taken Feb 2020.

2018 Estimate

Ancestry DNA 2018 percentage

2020 Estimate

Ancestry DNA 2020 percentages
Ancestry DNA reporting sections

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