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Hello fellow seeker!

Next website, I haven’t done their DNA test kit. Instead, I have uploaded the data from either my Ancestry or 23andMe test kit.

My family tree file on this site is a tiny fragment of all  my research.  I use it primarily to maybe find hints that I haven’t found on FamilySearch, Ancestry. But lately I use it more to try and DNA match to more of my European roots.

Below is a graphic of how it interprets my DNA data.  You’ll notice it doesn’t offer quite as detailed a breakdown of ethnicities, but the mapping is a close match to the others.

MyHeritage DNA Estacaille

Below, here’s a sample of the DNA matches. Info will appear if both matches have listed in their trees a shared ancestor. A good feature is the search option for surnames, or sort your matches to show the highest match quality first or sort by member name.  You can also filter by relationship, location or ethnicity.

MyHeritage DNA matches

One of my favorite parts of their DNA matches is their tools – a chromosome browser where you can compare your segments to other member, and auto clusters (filterable data report via email).

MyHeritage DNA Tools

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