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1 "Minnie"[:CR:]
JUDAS, Ernestine Wilhelmine (I118)
2 "Scotland, Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950," Source (S177)
(Jean Cadet ESTACAILLE de Bas, inferieur);p=jean+cadet;n=estacaille+de+bas+inferieur
ESTACAILLE, Jean de Bas (I5189)
4 (Medical):according to Jamestown Alert ewspaper clipping from Oct 15 1903 ( LANE, Frances (I3668)
5 (Research):1798 Heads of Household censu Lot 56:
William Dingwell, 2 males under age of 16, 1 between age 16-60, 1 female age 16-60.
If my William Dingwell married Morrison in 1806, then it's not this family.

Tiny Underhay email Aug 1997 had a William Dingwell, son of John Bates, married abt 1795 and had 2 boys in 1798 census. 
DINGWELL, William (I1995)
6 (Research):searched ED71, Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin 1880 census and did not find Emil/family
same with ED66, Green Lake, Green Lake, Wisconsin 1880 census 
SCHMUDLACH, Johann Emanuel Emil (I4703)
7 (Research):There is a Bernard Estacaille buried in an IOOF Cemetery in San Francisco, 1889. Is this him? ESTACAILLE, Bernard (I3461)
8 (Research):Verify marriage and death. Is he buried in Storthoaks, Estevan, Sask? PARADIS, Joseph Jean Baptiste (I5684)
9 (Research):where did I get the info for Hazel? There is no sign of her online, 1910 censis Jessie states mother of 1, # of living children 1. BOYD, Hazel (I71)
10 (Th MAILLAT, Th (I5190)
11 1 boy 2 girls[:CR:]
JUDES, Marvin Henry (I899)
12 11 children[:CR:]
SIMPSON, Margaret E. (I2493)
13 1254111 ; NA Film Number T9-0111 ; Page Number 283C [:CR:] BOYD, Melville (I2310)
14 1254111 ; NA Film Number T9-0111 ; Page Number 283C [:CR:] BOYD, Oscar (I2275)
15 1798 Head of Household census for Lot 56 shows a William Dingwell head of household, 2 males under 16 and a female between 16-60.

Family notes say he was the son of a Scotch Laird. He wasdisinherited because of parental objection to his marriage (because Dingwell was Protestant, Morrison a Catholic).

According to family notes they emigrated to PEI and settled at BayFortune.

The theory is that the unknown husband of Mary Morrison is WilliamDingwell, son of John Bates Dingwell and Margaret Boyd. The relationship hasn't been verified. 
DINGWELL, William (I1995)
16 1885 - Catherine was paralyzed and could not attend the marriage
LURE, Catherine (I3009)
17 1900 census says she had 6 children, only 4 living at the time NEUHARTH, Rosina (I409)
18 1910 census shows wife Clara as widowed.
MESPLOU, Joseph M. (I356)
19 1910 census states she is mother of only one child and one childliving. HOSMER, Jesse Grace (I64)
20 1911 census lists John's birthplace as Ireland BRANIFF, John (I5226)
21 1913-Campbell, Minn.
BOYD, Dempster Fr. (I2281)
22 1913-living in Fairmount, Minnisota
BOYD, Isabelle (I2257)
23 1913-Marmarth, ND
BOYD, Edgar (I2262)
24 1921 census of Canada. Digital images. Source (S165)
25 1954-lived in Anchorage, Alaska
BOYD, Ernest Roy (I2255)
26 2 boys 1 girl[:CR:]
LENT, Ardella Arnold (I908)
27 2 boys and 1 girl. The daughter has 2 children[:CR:]
TAYLOR, Myra Alvine (I897)
28 2 boys[:CR:]
LENT, Elverna Clara (I906)
29 22 Assembly district
30 3 boys 1 girl[:CR:]
JUDES, Mearl William Edwin (I900)
31 32 when married
OVERTON, Ann (I1766)
32 373-03-1628
DEPENCIER, Ross Wallace (I287)
33 386-09-5569
SIMPSON, Howard Woodworth (I144)
34 4 boys 2 girls[:CR:]
JUDES, Marcella Melvina Lulu (I901)
35 4509 8th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois HASKINS, Arlo (I252)
36 480-109-018
VESSELS, Willis R. (I3369)
37 5 boys 2 girls[:CR:]
LENT, Noble Howard (I903)
38 5 children[:CR:]
LENT, Orville Henry (I904)
39 5' 7.5" grey eyes, brown hair (passport)[:CR:]
JUDAS, Emil Rudolph (I93)
40 5'4" blue eyes, dark brown hair. (passport)[:CR:]
ECKART, Emma Rosina (I92)
41 558-05-1838
BROCHIER, Robert Adrian Joseph (I1673)
42 558-10-5937
PALU, John Baptiste (I3228)
43 559-01-5435
44 562-32-8609
ESTACAILLE, Lucille Mabel (I3374)
45 Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Source (S183)
46 Prince Edward Island Baptismal Index. Prince Edward Island,Canada: Public Archives and Records Office. accessed 16March 2012. Source (S197)
47 a son and a daughter[:CR:]
RAYMOND, Nellie Mae (I888)
48 accidental discharge of shotgun
HOSMER, Floyd (I3696)
49 According to an article on John in Malpeque and Its People, Page 270,the
weathervane on top of Princetown church spire, which for so many yearswas a
guide to fishermen, especially, was made by John Crozier.[:CR:]
CROZIER, John (I2527)
50 According to Bob Needham, Johnnie was driving a team of horses hitchedto a
hay dump rake. The team ran away and Johnnie fell underneath the rakeand
was caught up in the rake teeth. The horses ran through the creek and
stopped with the rake in the water and Johnnie was trapped under therake
and drowned.
Source: email October 2006 from Burnie & Ron Smith, latest owners ofDan Braniff's steam engine
BRANIFF, John (I3495)

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