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genealogy of the Estacaille (and variant spellings) families around the world
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... to the updated Estacaille genealogy database!

Stay tuned for more updates!

This database focuses mainly on the research I've done and collected on my surname Estacaille and it's variant spellings over the decades... d'Istacaille, Estaquaille, Estecaille,... and families around the world... Canada, United States, France, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina...

Of course, I needed to include the families my ancestors have married, so you will find major lines and research on surnames Judas, Overton, Jahraus, Simpson, Braniff, Hubbard, Boyd... well, you can find the search engine for the surnames in the dropdown "Find" menu on the top right side, click Surnames...


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Latest News

14 March 2021 - Hi visitors! I've updated with a new GEDCOM and the software was updated this past weekend. I'm seriously considering moving this site to The Guild of One Name Studies hosting later this year which will mean I would have to reset links to photos/records, etc. I'm in the midst of my last college course, ends June 8. So not much changing until at least then unless I really feel ambitious.

19 Oct 2020 - Software was updated today and I also updated with a current GEDCOM. I have lots of new images to add, but the updates will be a trickle as I have college courses for about the next 7 months.

20 March 2019 - I updated the software to the latest version. No new GEDCOM upload at this time as I've renewed my Ancestry subscription this past Christmas and I'm doing some research again.

28 June 2018 - major software update, but no additional people added.

8 March 2018 - updated Estacaille genealogy database! The new data is uploaded, but no photos or documents at the moment. Living data is hidden: if a child is deceased, but parents are still living, you will not see the child's ancestry.