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Vanderpoel Research Continues

Great grandfather Vanderport Earlier this year I had taken the plunge into trying to track my biological great-grandfather on my father’s side. You can read my first post here.

I started out earlier this year researching any Vanderports who may have been in Saskatchewan during approximately 1917-1918. I did trace one man and his siblings & mother from their immigration from Holland to the US, move to Canada and return to the US – Washington state.  As of today, I have not found matches in my DNA or my father’s DNA to link into this family.

So far I haven’t found much out recent using any DNA matches, but those that I have checked appear to share Vanderpoels that were in Albany, New York in the 1700s. So now I’m trying to recreate the descendants of Wynant Gerritse Van Der Poel and his wife Tryntje Melgerts. Their son Melgert Wynantse Vanderpoel 1646-1700 Albany, New York, is a common name showing up in DNA matches that include variants of Vanderpoel in their trees.  

Now perhaps my ancestor comes from a family from New York state, or is related via the Dutch family I’ve already traced, a sibling or other close relative of Wynant that stayed in Holland while parts of the family immigrated in the mid 1600s.

The search continues…

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